Quick Reference on HOW TO UPLOAD CALIBRATIONS after Downloading files from WEBSITE:

  1. Download tera term zip file from www.steinlite.com 
  2. Install tera term on your pc or open file location of Tera Term on your pc and locate teraterm.exe
  3. Open teraterm.exe
  4. Chose com port to connect to SL95
  5. Set up Serial port settings in Tera Term as well as Terminal settings as explained above.
  6. Send file NOTE: Click on box next to BINARY first.
  7. Terminal Window should display a 0 when a successful file transfer has occurred, the calibration should be displayed on the SL95 now as well
  8. Repeat Step 6 to send additional files


  1. A #1 is showing in the Terminal Window when I try to send file to SL95.
    1. The sealing switch is engaged; unseal the unit by pulling sealing switch knob towards front of unit
  2. The display on the SL95 just says, ****Loading Calibration****
    1. Most likely the box next to binary in window for selecting file was not checked
  3. Nothing happens when I select file and click on open, the screen just goes away but nothing happens.
    1. The parameters for the serial port are not set properly see examples above for setting up Tera Term.
    2. Serial port cable is not plugged in.
    3. The SL95 com port settings do not match the settings for Tera Term
    4. Try using other com port on the SL95

FULL DIRECTIONS for downloading/installing teraterm and uploading calibration files from PC to your SL95

Tera Term Download Link:

This link is used to download an Open-Source Software to transfer files from your PC to the Steinlite SL95 via one of the RS232 Serial Com Ports. 

This version is for Windows 10

After clicking on the link below, the download should begin automatically:


PuTTY Terminal:

PuTTY Terminal Alternative to Tera Term for Other Operating Systems (i.e., Mac, Linux, etc.)

This link will take to you a website to install PuTTY for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. 

Find the download/install instructions for your Operating System and follow them.



With either software you need to be sure the SL95 Com Port Settings (Com 1 or Com 2) are identical to the settings you are using on the Pc Com Port as well as the settings in the Software.

Below is an example of Tera Term Settings that match factory default settings on SL95 Com Ports.

This is under the Setup Tab/Serial Port Setting

You will need a serial port cable and null modem cable/adapter to be able to transfer calibration files. 

To order these please Contact The Steinlite Corporation at (913) 367-3945 or visit our Contact Page (https://steinlite.com/contact/)  to request price and payment information.

To send the new calibration file to your SL95 you must plug the cable into the pc and the SL95. After opening Tera term and setting up the Port and Terminal in previous examples you then will click on File/Send File. This opens a window to select the file you want to upload to your SL95. Before selecting a file though you must make sure the box next to BINARY in the bottom left corner is selected. NOTE: see the LARGE RED ARROW.

You can then select file and click open.  You should see a status window open and the terminal window should show up with a 0  in it. This means that it has transferred successfully to the SL95. The SL95 should also display the calibration that was just uploaded. 

Once you have closed the program you will have to repeat all the steps from above in order to send calibration files again. If you have more than one file to upload, just click on File/Send File and repeat. Be sure to click on the box next to Binary every time though.