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1-800-462-1835 Mon - Fri 08:00am - 5:00pm 1015 Main St, Atchison, KS 66002
1-800-462-1835 Mon - Fri 08:00am - 5:00pm 1015 Main St, Atchison, KS 66002
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What are Dielectric Type Grain Moisture Meters? | Steinlite Corporation

The dielectric type grain moisture meters are essential in the agriculture, farming, and grain industries. In 1932, the Founder of Steinlite Corporation, Fred Stein, invented the first moisture tester to measure and determine the need for drying commodities. Since his earliest invention, Steinlite continues to enhance its measuring and testing technologies, building a great reputation for over 68 years.

Steinlite Corporation is the leading provider of manufacturing, sales, and repair services for dielectric moisture meters. We use high-performance technology to customize calibrations for 49 different grains. Our equipment uses the dielectric invariant of a grain sample to predict its moisture.

What is a Dielectric Grain Moisture Meter?

A dielectric grain moisture meter is an equipment used by farmers and agricultural & grain companies to measure electrical capacity. Our latest SL95 model features high-performance capacitance & computerized technologies and loadable custom designed calibrations. Dielectric moisture testers and meters measure the amount of electrical charge stored or isolated for a given electric potentiality.

How it Works?

Steinlite’s moisture meters use the dielectric invariable or constant of a test compartment filled with a specific grain. Our equipment functionality analyzes the constant of dielectric and the moisture. If there is an increase in water or other moisture in grains, there will also be an increase in dielectric invariables.

We use an incomparable calibration equivalence formula for measuring and determining drying necessity of each type of grain. The principle of Steinlite Corporation is associating the dielectric invariable to the moisture of different grain types. Grains have different rates of constant and moisture increases, the main reason for calibrations based on each grain type.

Steinlite Services

  • Manufacturing of Moisture Tester Models
  • Customized Calibrations
  • Dielectric Grain Equipment Sales
  • Grain Moisture Meter Repairs and Support

Steinlite Corporation offers services for manufacturing, calibration customization, selling, and repairing dielectric type grain moisture equipment. We produce, customize, sell, and repair the following models;

  • SL95
  • SB900


We manufacture the SL95 and SB900 models in our manufacturing facility in Atchison, Kansas. The SL95 model is our top of the line moisture testers with dielectric technology and oven-air temperature ranging from 35 Fahrenheit to 1100 Fahrenheit.

The oven-air technique determines the reference moisture of grain content. It involves weighing the grain sample prior to and after applying a selective amount of heat over a specific time frame.

The SB900 model is an earlier version of Dielectric moisture testers. The differences between the two models are its loadable capacity of calibrations and its automated speed of testing and reading. Steinlite engineers designed the new SL95 model with more speed in retrieving weight and test results.

Calibration Service

Steinlite engineers designed the SL95 tester similar to the SB900, but increased its loadable calibrations capacity to 1,024. It more than doubles the amount of loadable capacitance of the SB900 model. Our computerized calibration technologies in the SL95 and SB900 models test 49 commodities, including corn, coffee, grasses, corn, wheat, barley, buckwheat, peas, beans, alfalfa, and more.

Dielectric Grain Equipment Sales

We sell SB900 and SL95 dielectric grain equipment to US farmers, agriculture merchants, and grain companies. Steinlite offers a limited warranty on all their new dielectric grain moisture testers.

Grain Moisture Meter/Tester Repair Service

Steinlite repairs the older SB900 model of dielectric equipment and the latest SL95 model of dielectric grain meters. Our qualified technicians have years of experience repairing broken and damaged moisture equipment of the Steinlite brand. We are an authorized manufacturer and dealer offering warranty repairs and replacements for inoperable equipment.

How to Place a Service Request?

Contact us online on our website by email or call (800)-462-1835 Monday through Friday to speak with a Steinlite agent. When calling after business hours, leave a detailed message describing your service request, name, and contact information. We provide quotes including the estimated labor, parts, and shipping costs.

Our service center provides support and repair of dielectric type grain moisture meters. Consumers can ship their equipment directly to the center for maintenance and repair services. We provide instructions on how to ship the testers and the container required for shipment.

Why Steinlite Corporation?

Steinlite Corporation began creating existence in America in the early 1930s as the first manufacturer to develop and market dielectric type grain moisture meters. We continue to gain the trust of farmers and companies in the agricultural industry. Our SL97 equipment model meets the approval of the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) for moisture and weight testing by the US Department of Agriculture.

Learn more about our manufacturing, selling, repairing, and calibrating services today by contacting us on our site or calling our toll-free telephone number. Our response time is during business hours during the weekdays. If there is an emergency of malfunctioning Dielectric moisture testers, a Steinlite representative will promptly respond as soon as possible. 

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