Committed to serving the needs of the world’s agricultural community since Mr. Stein invented the technology in 1931. The technicians at Steinlite bring to you the newest in their line of moisture testers, the SL95 and SB900. Using computer technology, the Steinlite SL95 moisture tester provides fast and accurate results in the most comprehensive tester yet developed. Also the SB900 still stands tall in the market as a simple and easy to use tester.

 NTEP approved for moisture & test weights.

 Fully automatic including automatic test weight

Produces readings in eight seconds.

 Two RS232 type serial ports for connection to
computers and printers.

 LCD and LED moisture readouts.

 Sequential sample numbering.

Infrared sensors have been added and the hopper enlarged to ensure sufficient sample size is used.

A larger front-loading grain drawer was incorporated into the already convenient and easy to use SL95.

 Optional computer style keyboard for entering alpha-numeric information.

 Built-in battery-backed clock maintains date and time.

 30 character comment line.

 Flow through design for fast sampling.

 Personalized printout.

 Up to 1024 calibrations of your choice may be loaded
onto the SL95.

 Customized calibrations can be made available
by contacting the Steinlite Corporation.


Instructions for loading SL95 calibrations
Instructions to manually change SL95 constants

Updated Calibration Files:
NTEP Version 7 SL95 Calibrations
NTEP Version 8 SL95 Calibrations
NTEP SL95 Calibrations 2009

Printable Files:
NTEP Version 8 SL95 SRWW
NTEP SL95 Calibrations 2009

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