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We have been manufacturing dielectric (capacitance) type grain moisture meters here in Atchison, Kansas since 1931, when Mr. Stein invented the technology. Dielectric moisture testers are fast and accurate. They do not destroy the sample they test. They are widely used in the grain and agricultural industry to determine how much moisture is in a sample and whether the material will need to be dried in order to be safely stored. A calibration must be made for each particular commodity to be tested.

Our latest model of moisture meter, the SL95 is fully automatic, and NTEP approved. Unlike older models, it is not necessary to precisely weigh out a sample to test. The sample hopper is simply filled full.

Our model SB900 has over 500 calibrations for a broad variety of grains, seeds, nuts, dehydrated fruits, and processed commodities.

We also manufacture the Stein mill, used to grind solids, solids in liquids and to blend liquids.


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